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We are here to help and support you if you are suffering after an abortion.  We want to help you to come to terms with your decision, your child, and the circumstances in which you had your abortion. We will not judge; after all, many of the team have had abortions themselves.

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Why Forsaken Exists

Abortion is often promoted as the simplest answer to a crisis pregnancy. A woman can find herself making a decision for an abortion because of circumstances that appear to be out of her control: housing situations, finances, job prospects, a partner who believes the pregnancy is inconvenient, health issues, or problems with other children.

A woman has a deep instinctive sense of care for her unborn child; She does not want to bring the child into an unsafe world. It is a fear she has to deal with. Even when a child is wanted, fear comes; "Will I be a good mother? How will I manage? What about the money, the mortgage, my job?"


These are questions that have to be faced and answered. Trusting and supportive relationships create a matrix within which all these questions can be answered. Decisions for the future are easier within loving and supportive relationships. She can feel hopeful and empowered.


Conversely, when a woman is surrounded by unsupportive people or taken outside her "trust zone" it would stand to reason that she can be frightened, vulnerable and insecure. Fear can overwhelm her. She does not feel her child is coming into a safe world, because she does not feel safe. Her choice is but one choice, which she can later regret. These, we believe, are the circumstances in which many women choose abortion and it is for those women that Forsaken exists.

Forsaken - the Book



Five ordinary women, with five extraordinary experiences of life. It is heart-wrenching, and you may feel an overwhelming desire to hold them and take away their pain. This book cannot fail to express what many women feel has been inexpressible for so many years.


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